Delicious food that tastes better than home...

South Island Kitchen is the epitome of the Caribbean meets the South with an explosion of flavor in your mouth.


South Island Kitchen

Caribbean|Southern Fusion Cuisine

Geechee Seafood Omelette

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Gullah Geechee Seafood

Slap Yo Nana Pudding

Quality Ingredients

Delicious foods made with fresh vegetables, superior meats and seafood, herbs and our signature South Island Spices...COMING SOON!
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Balanced Meals

Complete with delectable meats, healthy eats and a little sweets

Pull Up Service

Out and About?

Pull Up and We'll bring your food out! 

Doorstep Delivery

No need to leave your throne, we'll bring it to your home 


We are on the way....

South Island Kitchen is always at your finger clicks.  Our delivery service is available to provide you with your favorite food selections at your door step!

*All fried foods fried in PEANUT OIL*


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illnesses*


*All foods may come in contact with Shellfish*


The Visionary 

Lai Will is a self-taught professional cook born and raised in heart of New York City, one of the major food Meccas of the world.  After years of working in Corporate America Lai made the bold decision to embark upon a new career and finally venture into the world of food and fine cuisine.  With a newfound vision on the horizon, Lai used her melting pot of cultural backgrounds to create a fusion of Geechee, Bajan, Caribbean and Southern Cuisine, and with that South Island Kitchen was born.

Lai's multitude of cuisine enthusiasm is specifically derived from her true Southern Peach maternal grandmother from Savannah Georiga and her maternal grandfather from South Carolina by way of Barbados.

The pairing of her grandparents' cultures has inspired, not only her love for the various delectable bites featured on her menu but also inspired the theme for South Island Kitchen with the Peach representing Georgia and the Eelectric Blue inspired by the Barbadian flag, representing the sea and sky of Barbados.~

"Food is truly the instrument that soothes the Soul"

~Lai Will